Camel racing

Some interesting questions about modern camel racing. Breakneck speeds, multi-million prize money, and robots instead of riders – all this is about modern camel racing. This year we are waiting for a new season of exciting races on “desert ships” held in Arab countries.

Camel racing

Where will the 2022 season start

The doors of the main track of Dubai, the capital of the UAE, will be the first to open. Here, only single-humped dromedary camels participate in competitions, they are the best suited for horse racing. Moreover, these are mostly females – they are more fleet-footed, have a soft gait, and are not so changeable in the mood. But males, especially during the mating season, don’t have camel racing in their minds at all if you know what we’re talking about!

Robot jockey camel racing

How much money is “spinning” in this sport?

Camelracing  and robot jockey camel racing is a multimillion-dollar business. For example, at these competitions in Dubai, the prize fund is three million dollars. But the costs are considerable. Prices for camels are set by the state – they start from 55 thousand dollars. And the cost of winning animals can reach up to 30 million.

Among other things, camels love to eat delicious food. Thorns are not a champion’s diet. The menu includes honey, dates, eggs, various vitamins, and even cow’s milk. On average, a thousand dollars a month is spent on feeding one camel.

Camel jockey robots

Where did the camel racing trend come from?

These exotic animals became racing against their will, for them, it was a matter of life and death. Fully domesticated camels with the advent of cars ceased to be the main means of transportation in the desert, so in order not to spend money on maintenance, they were simply released into the wild. And they were completely unprepared for life in the wild. They were saved by the King of Saudi Arabia, who is 1964 decided to turn these camels from wanderers into racers ( camel jockey robots).

Robot camel jockey

Why are animals controlled by robot jockey?

Camels don’t have human drivers today. Well, or almost none – the animals are controlled by camel racing robot. And this is not at all because of the coronavirus pandemic. Previously, children acted as camel jockeys, injuries often occurred, often fatal. There were even cases when parents sold their children to breeders. This angered human rights organizations, so the management of camels was entrusted to robot camel jockeys.

Robot jockey

Which country was the first to use robot jockey in camel racing?  In 2005, a law was passed in the United Arab Emirates that camel jockeys must be over 16 years old. For violation of the fine – 20 thousand dollars. Since then, robots have been participating in the races instead of people.

Camel racing sport of sheiks

During the race, the owner of the camel can shout at the horse. The dromedary will hear the owner’s voice through the speaker on the robot’s body. And if necessary, the owner is even able to hit the animal with a whip using a special button on the remote control.

Since a good and fast Ccamel costs a lot of money and a high-tech, remote-controlled robot jockey also costs a small fortune, camel racing is the sport of sheiks.