Robot jockey camel racing

Incredible robot jockey camel racing in the Middle East. Camel racing is the most popular sport in the whole Arab world. Real residents of Arab countries and the Middle East believe that camel racing is a sport of sheiks!

Camel racing sport of sheiks

But people who are poorly familiar with the world of camel sports may not know that during the competition, animals are controlled not by real people, but by highly intelligent robots. In this article, we will tell you what led to this.

Old Arabic traditions + innovations in camel racing.

Kuwait, Qatar, Sudan, Bahrain, and other countries of the Middle East regularly hold camel races. Until the 30s of the last century, such shows were just folk fun. However, the competitions became more popular and they began to be held at a professional level.

Robot jockey

For example, professional races in Qatar have been held since 1972, they are broadcast live on television. Although this ancient tradition has hardly changed for many centuries, in the 21st century there have been drastic changes – robot jockey in camel racing appeared. Now, instead of a human jockey, the camel is controlled by the owner of the animal or a specially trained person using a controller and a robot jockey installed on the animal.

Robot camel jockeys

Why robots were invented: justified humanity or a trend of the new time?

For the most part, the creation of robot camel jockeys technology is because children often participated in dangerous competitions. They have a small weight, which is very important for a camel that rushes to the finish line. But many children were seriously injured. They were kept in poor conditions, poorly fed, and they lived next to camels.

Camel ra

This situation changed in the 2000s. Most countries have banned the use of children as a camel jockeys. In the Boat, already in 2001, work began on the manufacture of a camel racing robot, which would replace the jockey. The first tests were conducted in 2005.

Camel racing

What is a robot jockey?

The artificial jockey is a robot made of aluminum and plastic. Its dimensions do not exceed the size of a large book. The weight of such a structure does not exceed 26 kg. The robot’s functions include not only controlling the animal, but also monitoring its pulse and heart rate. The cost of robot jockey for camel racing starts from $ 5 thousand ( camel racing ) .

Robot jockey camel racing

The robots are controlled remotely by operators who drive cars along the race tracks. “Kamals” (that’s what robot jockey camel racing is called) whip camels with a whip at the touch of a button. However, the black market also found an opportunity to earn extra money here.

Camel jockey robots

Interesting fact: about 5 years ago, the UAE police uncovered a gang of merchants selling a device designed to make camels speed up running. The devices were installed inside the robot using a remote control and the camel was electrocuted, forcing it to develop at a high speed (  camel jockey robots).